Negative reviews on Google My Business can hurt your business. Not only do they leave a negative impression among people but also they can impact your listing’s rating, which will affect your ability to rank in the local pack. 

Reviews are essential and companies need to put forth their best effort to get positive reviews. However, even the best companies have dissatisfied customers; sometimes they get negative reviews from their competitors or other ways. Thus, it is essential to deal with Negative reviews to maintain the good performance of your Google My Business account. 

This article will give you some tips on dealing with negative reviews on Google.

How to Deal with Negative Review on Google My Business


Respond as swiftly as possible

When a negative review attacks a business’s reputation, they must respond as soon as possible, whether through social media or the main listing account. In an ideal world, a company will react when they see the review and address the issue directly with their customer to build trust and respect.

Responding to poor reviews quickly can also show that your business’s management is on top of things. Companies should respond to negative reviews to resolve the issue and create positive relations with the customer.

Of course, if this is not possible, companies should admit their mistake and apologize to them, even if it was unintentional. This will show disgruntled customers that you care about your business reputation and are willing to improve upon it.

Don’t hide negative reviews!

Never hide negative reviews. Whenever you see a bad review on Google My Business, you should respond directly to the customer to address the situation. 

You want to show your customers that you know how to handle it and that they are not being ignored or brushed under the rug. In this way, other customers who may have had similar experiences in the past can see that your business is willing to correct course.

If someone has said something that is not related to your business practice, you can address them what are the policies and practices of the company. So that audience can get you never hurt feelings of audience intentionally and competitors are spreading ramous. 

Don’t play dumb!

If an angry customer claims their wrong was not appropriately addressed. If a customer complains about a bad experience, listen to them. You may be able to resolve the issue and write the review off as a simple misunderstanding. If you can’t make your customer happy, you can’t get the bad review removed from Google.

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Responding negatively is not an option!

In responding to negative reviews, administrators should never be condescending or belittling of the negative feedback they receive. The most common reason customers leave bad reviews is that they feel wronged or insulted by their business interactions, so they want to punish them by taking away their business.

For example, a restaurant that receives negative feedback because of a late meal in the evening may decide to respond by saying, “we are not open at night!” This would be an inadequate response and do nothing to help the reviewer understand why they were unhappy. Instead, the restaurant should try to establish rapport with the reviewer and clarify why their food was late. 

They can then offer an apology and hope that if they make it up to them with additional service or discounts, they will change their review.

Don’t be a micro-manager!

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make when dealing with negative reviews is that they don’t want to deal directly with their customers. They feel unable to get an agreement because they are so busy and don’t have time to listen to the customer or understand their issue. 

Be sure not to let this happen at all! If you can, find ways to make your customers happy, and as long as it does not take away from your business, take the matter into your own hands.

Stay positive!

Even if only a single review of your business is negative, it can still hurt the long-term reputation. So stay positive with your customers by responding promptly, offering a discount or coupon, and apologizing when necessary. 

The next time you receive a negative review; don’t let it get to you. Stay calm and professional, and have an idea of what you will say before you respond. This will help keep an even better attitude about the matter for all involved.

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Like it or not, negative reviews on Google are part of everyday business. If you can’t manage to deal with them positively, then your company could be in serious trouble. Follow the above-mentioned tips to get help to reduce the stress of dealing with negative reviews and ensure that your reputation stays intact! 

Additionally, it will be prudent to hire professionals like Social Idea to manage the negative reviews situation of your company on Google.