Graphic designers have played a role in shaping the worlds of art, fashion, publishing, and architecture. Their work has helped to shape the modern world of illustration and design. They’re responsible for some of the most iconic images ever to be seen on everything from posters to T-shirts to billboards. 

Every aspect of their work is geared towards a particular goal — whether it’s raising awareness about an issue or promoting a product — which makes them true masters of visual communication. They do more than just create beautiful images. These masters use their skills and talent to inform and persuade the public.

You can hire experts like Social Idea for Graphic designing. Still, if you are looking for an individual then here are some of the best graphic designers this country has produced. 

List of Best Graphic Designers in India


1. Akshar Pathak

Akshar Pathak is a Creative Bollywood poster designer. Before that, he worked in Zomato and AIB.


  • NIFT Graduate
  • B.Des in Fashion and Lifestyle Accessory

Professional life

  • Comic-Con. India
  • Zomato

Projects worked on

  • Tweetard
  • Cover of Hindustan Times Brunch
  • DSYN’S Happily unmarried
  • Poster of MTV Roadies
  • Poster for Rang De Basanti 

2. Gopi Prasanna

Gopi Prasanna is a graphics designer based in Chennai, India. He is an experienced professional in the field and his forte includes branding, logo design, illustration, and infographics. He started his journey as a website designer.


  • 11 websites
  • 11 publications
  • Games
  • Bangle
  • Posters of films in Kollywood

List of posters designed by Gopinath Prasanna 

  • OK, Kanmani,
  •  Raja Rani, 
  • Aaranya Kaandam, 
  • Vaayai Moodi Pesavum 
  • and Kathi.

3. Madhukar B.Raju

Madhukar is a gifted personality in terms of designing. With over 8years of experience, this creative individual has been creating strides in the industry.


  • Well versed in codes of HTML, CBT, WBT, and Flash websites
  • Identity design
  • Brochure design
  • Packaging design 
  • Screensavers
  • Flash design

Work experience

  • Corporate communication specialist
  • Leads branding team
  • Joined Pankhudi, an NGO
  • Worked on various projects for Yahoo, Sun Microsystems, Oracle, INM, ACT, Infosys, Toyota, Kirloskar

4. Sujata Keshavan

Founder of the designing firm Ray and Keshavan, Sujata Keshavan has made an impact in the industry. After passing out of Yale University in 1987, she launched her career as a designer. 


  • The recurring face of international conferences
  • Jury member of Rebrand
  • Graphic Designer of the Year at Annual Advertising and Marketing 
  • Held the place on 18 in Fortune India’s most powerful women list 
  • Designed exceptional logos for various international airports

5. Benoy Kumar Sarkar 

 Born in 1938, Benoy Kumar Sarkar had a heavy creative instinct that shows up in his work. His love for art and great design sense is truly commendable. 


  • BFA from Yale University
  • MFA from Yale University


  • Logo of Delhi transportation corporation
  • Logo of Indian airlines

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A graphic designer is a creative professional who uses design principles and specialized skills to create images. 

Graphic designers can deal with both the aesthetic and functional aspects of a project, which might include anything from designing graphics for use in advertising to creating web graphics for social media or websites.

Through branding and marketing, a skilled designer can help a company achieve its objectives. Some other benefits include creativity in problem-solving, creativity in communication, and design as an innovation driver, a variety of different techniques and services, and unique solutions to meet your needs.