With the advent of technology, a lot of people find themselves wanting to join the billion-dollar designing industry. There are plenty of benefits that come with a career in the graphic design profession. One such perk is being able to design anything, from logos and flyers to websites and slogans. 

In addition to this, designers are also responsible for creating styles that result in a unique product. This can be used time and time again by their clients. This makes graphic designing an extremely lucrative field for those who have the creative flair needed for it. 

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Advantages of choosing Graphic Designing As a Career Option

  1. Graphic designing is an all-encompassing profession that includes producing layouts for print media and logos for branding purposes. However, more importantly, it’s the one that requires you to think out of the box and come up with fresh ideas that can help a business or an organization connects with its target audience. The work is creative in nature and can also be fun.
  2. Entrepreneurial spirits can find graphic designing to be a lucrative career option as it does not limit them to office spaces. You get the freedom of working from home or the local cafe that offers Wi-Fi connectivity.
  3. It’s a career option that doesn’t require an individual to study for too long at college. It’s also flexible in terms of hours spent on work as you set your own timings as per your convenience and requirements.
  4. When you take up a career, you do not necessarily have to join a design academy or an institute. You can also look at online tutorials and blogs and then start working independently. Although it will provide you with limited knowledge, you will have to learn a lot from experiences. While if you will join any institute for learning, they can assist you in all possible ways.
  5. It’s a career option that is not very expensive. The basic equipment required for graphic designing includes a laptop, adobe illustrator, graphics software, and then a printer for printing purposes (If require).
  6. It’s a job that’s ideal for people who like to have connections with people from worldwide as you get to work with companies and establishments based out of other geographical locations.
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How much do Graphic Designers earn in India?

Designers in India earn around Rs. 2,00,000 – Rs. 10,50,000 per annum on an average and most of them are in Mumbai or Delhi. 

Many people choose to pursue graphic design because they like everything that comes along with it: creativity and self-expression. 

Factors such as educational level, experience, and location play a direct role in how much a graphic designer earns. Other factors such as specialty (for example web design, print design, or logo design) will also have an impact on what you can potentially make as a designer.

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A graphic designer’s job description is usually very diverse, requiring creativity and problem-solving skills as well as a mastery of both technical and conceptual aspects of communication. 

Graphic designers may work with companies such as Apple or Nike to develop logos, designs for marketing materials, websites or advertisements; they may also specialize in different areas such as package design or book cover illustrations.

A career in Graphic designing will require constant learning of new software programs and keeping up with the latest trends within that industry.