We all do believe that learning through reading is hearing, learning through seeing better, and learning through both is the best way to memorize and implement the same whenever required. Videos have been a big part of our lives which made any tougher tasks to be easy and turn into the simplest form just by making us understand in a more effective way.

These days there are various techniques of marketing through which one can approach success with their products and services to sell but through video production. It has proven to be the most effective way in the market. Though there are various video production companies, only a few carry on their promises and provide quality service.

It’s very hard to find a better video production company as there are a lot with similar services. Do not get discouraged. We are here to help you out in choosing one of the best video production companies in Hyderabad, India. The term best can only be related to one company which is Social Idea. 

Here, we shall go through a list of video production companies and also our esteemed company Social Idea and their workflow one by one. So strap on to your seats, sit back and enjoy reading.

List of Video Production Companies


#1 Social Idea

Though there are different platforms and agencies to provide services, many clients prefer Social Idea as their video production partner because they know the quality we provide and prioritize the work in the most effective way. We identify true potential in clients to present them with effective marketing strategies. Morever, we are the Best Digital Marketing Company in Hyderabad

How do we work?

At first, before building the brand at Social Idea we identify the client’s field and the needed tools to design solutions for their needs. By analyzing the core requirement we build a step-by-step procedure on how to approach the same. At Social Idea each team consists of creative experts who have great knowledge in this field and can work and resolve any issues in no time.

We then put forth our ideas to merge them into a strong base and then go ahead in building the structure through various modes.

Why choose us?

We at Social Idea consist of a proactive team who are ready to service our clients day and night without compromising the quality. Due to our sincerity of work, we are the top brand-building agencies in Hyderabad and growing as one of the best agencies in the state. By employing passionate creative minds to present creative projects we have come a long way with the same confidence.

We believe in the concept of “why not choose us rather than why choose us?” Hence, any challenge is a new task and a unique way to learn things while enjoying them.

Some of the services that we provide are:

*1 Social Media videos

Social media videos are nothing but videos that are used for marketing a product or service by presenting it to the audience in the most effective way. As social media is all about the audience we attract the same audience through marketing videos which make them understand clearly rather than a person explaining the same.

Social media videos are used to attract customers from social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, WeChat, etc. 

*2  Animated Explainer Videos

Not every character is suitable for every human being and even shooting the same costs more than a simple and effective animated explainer video. Nowadays, everyone likes to be presented with colourful characters and attractive pictures. Thus animated explainer videos are the most effective way to communicate our ideas to our clients.

Not only by pasteurizing have the characters, but also it helped to draw imaginary things which are difficult to enact in real life. This technique of digital marketing has proven to be highly effective when compared to others.

*3 Documentary Videos

Documentary videos are nothing but videos that examine an event or any incident or any person. At Social Idea we also develop documentary videos based on the facts or any video that is based on any material or any factual record.

Hire us now

Hiring a video production company can benefit us in many ways and also as an organization cannot accumulate every department and cannot hire creative mindsets. Video production companies can be of great use. Then what are you waiting for? Hire us today and get benefited with quality performance.

FAQ on the production company

In a business, there are many questions that arise during our activities that have to be answered without any hesitation. Some of the FAQs are as below

#1 What does the video production process involve?

#2 How much does video production cost?

#3 What kind of equipment to use for video production?

#4 Do you add voice-overs and music?

#5 How large is your crew for filming?

#6 Can you add subtitles to the video?

#7 What about graphics and branding?

#8 What does the video production process involve?

#2 Planet Green Studios

Planet Green Studios understands that every project is unique and stands ahead of other projects which require special assessing production. Plant Green Studios has been one of the best video production companies for the same reason for a very long time. 

Furthermore, it first assesses the issue and then moves to the core of the problem to resolve at the earliest possible. Thus, this makes Plant Green Studios unique from other video production companies.

In the entire city, this is famous for its services rendered to clients which are satisfactory. This is one of the highly preferred video production companies in Hyderabad. Some of the services at Plant Green Studios also include:

*1 Corporate Videos

As a professional video production agency, Plant Green Studios produces compelling corporate videos that suit all types of business in the entire country. They are here to understand your business requirements and create attractive videos which can create more and more clients in the future. 

PGS drives for results and inspires actions. Some of their corporate videos are highly liked videos by their clients and the public.

*2 Ad Videos

PGS has experts in creating Ad videos for our clients at a very low-cost budget. Their experts’ Ad videos are suitable for any type of promotion or to even simply establish a small startup. These videos can range from any type of industry irrespective of their fields and sectors. Be it a creative idea or offering their experts top-notch graphical videos they have been chosen first by the clients.

#3 Studiotale

Studiotale believes in linking emotions to the videos, connecting the audience to creative brands and taking them to new heights. Studiotale likes to take ideas of the brands and convert them into meaningful stories which should inspire others. They have experience in creating more than 350 videos for 150 innovative companies. 

Furthermore, they hire creative mad heads to inspire others through their unique videos and innovative ideas. Likewise, they are highly qualified and honored to serve you in their journey of success. For more information, please visit www.studiotale.com

They are highly recommended for the services such as: 

Interview Videos

They have many such services but creating interview videos is one of the recommended services. Interview videos are nothing but creating videos for individuals who introduce and answer in front of an organization and for a better job opportunity. 

These videos are shot by Studiotale experts in a professional set constructed for specific purposes. These videos help millions of people in UPSC interviews and in other situations.

Product Videos

These days no products are bought without looking at the product videos. A product video consists of a detailed explanation about the product, from manufacturing to its description. Most of these videos may contain a story on how this product came into existence and the working of the products in the case of electronic devices. These videos are the most helpful and attractive way of interacting with customers.

#4 Raasta Studios

Raasta Studios produces videos in the old style as to how the stories were told before when we were kids. Video production is nothing but storytelling. Raasta Studios believes in the storytelling of any brand which attracts the audience and connects to their emotions. A well-told story can make millions of people get inspired and can bring new clients to the companies. 

Are you looking for a company that can harness the power and ideas to create a story? Then here Raasta Studios is at your service. 

They are a team of dedicated writers, directors, video shooters, musicians, and so on. For every activity, conducted goes through a specific department for quality check. Thus, the customer gets a perfect video for your perfect brand. For more information, please visit www.raastastudios.com

One of the services provided by Raasta studios:

Aerial Videos

Aerial videos are one of the newly emerged techniques in which the video is shot at a great height to have a better view and understanding of the scene. The video is captured through drones consisting of high-quality cameras. Raasta studios consists of experts to operate such machines in a creative way and edit the video in the most attractive manner.

#5 What a story

What a story doesn’t just believe in making videos but believes in creating memories through video production. This is one of the leading video production houses and a creative brand agency in the city. Likewise, they have a wide range of clients who are proud to be their partners for a very long time. 

What a story is a well versed in every type of video production with very low-cost consumption and without compromising the quality of the video. Furthermore, this is an award-winning agency from many B2B research, rating companies. Likewise, they believe in working with you rather than working for you.

Their video products suit a range of industries or any range of brands. They mainly focus on startups, corporate business, Healthcare industries, HR, Security, blockchain, etc. These are some of the main sectors What a story works on and are proud to be their partners. They have around 500+ clients all over the country and are ready to add more to their future journey.


We hope that you enjoyed reading it, and we thank you for sticking with us the whole time. There are thousands of video production companies in Hyderabad, and we have chosen the best of the best to present it in front of you. Every company has their own unique way of working and tackling the challenges they face in their journey. 

We at Social Idea are similar yet unique in our workflow when compared to other industries. Our team is happy to join your brand and assist them to grow in every way possible. Then what’s stopping you? ring us a call today or you can even mail us.