Social media has become one of the non-negotiables in everyone’s lives. If you are building your brand or planning to grow on popular social media platforms such as Instagram, you need to have a strategic plan in place. 

It’s easier in theory to have a strategy in place when it comes to social media, but the question is how to create practical content that is highly engaging. For the answer, follow for some tips and experience a good increase in audience engagement on your Instagram handle. 

5 Tips for Developing Engaging Content on Instagram


Plan your content way – Create a content calendar

When you are set on the objective of creating engaging content, one of the first tips to follow is to have an elaborate content calendar. In case you have no experience in creating this for your brand, you can reach out to experts like Social Idea. 

The idea behind creating a content calendar is to prepare your content beforehand, to have a regular schedule of posting, and to be consistent. It can also help prepare you to develop better visual content, plan your photoshoots, and do other behind the scene activities to create content. 

Be quick to speak about topical posts or engage with viral content

When we say that your content needs to be relatable, it doesn’t mean you will take forever to create such compelling content. If you need to make use of viral opportunities, you need to hit the right chord with users by producing original content while the viral wave is still prevalent. 

While covering topical posts, talk about how your brand relates to the trending topic. Easy, isn’t it? So far, we have covered that not only your posts have to be relevant but also quick. 

Track your analytics and metrics regularly 

Tracking analytics (such as how many people your content reached, how many people clicked on your post, or how many people visited your profile) is very crucial. This is one of the pivotal factors in shaping your social media content. 

You need to be in touch with your key demographics, and your target audience when creating content. This can be helpful to achieve your goals via social media marketing. 

Use all the features Instagram offers

When a social media platform is introducing new features, be one of the first ones to try them out. You are here to provide a unique proposition and stand out from the rest of normal social media marketing. 

So, how can you do this? The answer is by constantly accessing the newest features of the platform and using them in your posts. For example, if you could create a 1 min video reel instead of the previous 30s time limit, alter your content for a 1-minute duration. 

If you can add trending music not just to your reels but also to your posts, you need to take full advantage of it. 

Host Giveaways and Competitions

One of the best ways for people to engage with your content is to comment on your posts, share them with their friends, and spread the word. Sounds hard? Well, it can be easily achievable by hosting giveaways now and then. 

You give away a prize when your followers comment on your post, tag two or more friends, and let them know about it.

Host a giveaway at least once a month or 45 days to make people come back to your social media handle and actively engage with your brand.

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To develop engaging content, it is mandatory to understand the interest and routines of users on Instagram. With the considering the trade at Instagram in mind, start utilizing the latest features of Instagram. If you still have any confusion and need proper guidance, hire experts like Social Idea. Experience professionals at Social Idea will provide you best advice and plan.