Are you looking to get more business? Maybe it’s time to start investing in social media marketing. It has great benefits ranging from increased traffic and visibility to links. Stay ahead of your competition and take advantage of these services that are headed in the right direction.

Social media advertising is becoming more popular as businesses see how it increases traffic and boosts visibility. 

What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a set of marketing activities designed to increase visibility for business entities on social media websites. This is achieved by creating blogs, podcasts, videos, and other online platforms.

These types of marketing are often accomplished through paid advertising, creating or curating content. After this, it is shared via social networks and networking sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook. 

Some forms of social media marketing can also be done without paying for advertisements. They send business messages through blogging, podcasting, and video phoning. These methods are referred to as organic outreach.

Why opt for SMM?

Social media has changed the way we interact with our customers. Also, it has changed the way we market, and it has changed how companies run their businesses.

Businesses are using different social media tactics to recruit talent and promote products. This is an excellent opportunity for smaller organisations that may not have a marketing department.

Marketing through social media can be inexpensive and even free for some companies. There are many reasons why companies should use social media marketing, including: 

  • Expanding reach to new markets,
  • Building engagement with your target audience,
  • Reaching out to new audiences (targeted or broad), 
  • Better customer service, etc.

Now let’s look at 5 social media marketing companies based out of Hyderabad.

Top 5 Social Media Marketing Companies in Hyderabad


1) Social Idea

With an experience of years, Social Idea has handled campaigns for clients across industries such as

  • IT Services, 
  • Education & Development Services
  • Industry-related to Healthcare, among others. 

It is a social media marketing company that offers services such as

  • Facebook Marketing
  • Twitter,
  • Social Media Optimization

Since its inception, the company has maintained an excellent track record in designing and implementing effective social media marketing strategies for its clients. Hence, Social Idea is the Best Social Media Marketing Company in Hyderabad.

2) Falcon

This Company was founded in 2010, and it is based out of Hyderabad. Some of the services offered by this agency are 

  • Social Media Optimization, 
  • Content Marketing, 
  • SMO Services, 
  • Brand Management,
  • Hashtag Marketing 
  • and SMM Services 


This Company provides superb Quality Online Marketing Services to clients from various industries worldwide. 

It has a team of web professionals who take full responsibility for executing an online marketing and branding strategy for your business. 

With over eight years of experience, it guarantees ROI for your marketing budget. It provides services like 

  • Social Media Optimization, 
  • Content Marketing, 
  • SMO Services
  • And SMM Services.

4) Big Bears

Big Bears is a leading social media marketing company that has been great in the field of 

  • Content creation, 
  • Management and publication for many years now. 
  • Social Media Optimization, 
  • Content Marketing, 
  • Blogging Services etc.

5) IB works:

To ensure that the clients get the right ROI on investment, it offers excellent social media services. Some of the popular services provided by this agency include 

  • Facebook Marketing, 
  • Twitter Marketing 

Why Social Idea tops the list?

Social Idea consists of a team of professional marketers who are well educated and prepared to help you with your marketing campaign. Their experts possess a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field. This gives them the skills necessary to point you in the right direction for your campaign. 

With their help, you will market your brand on social media platforms. This will provide maximum exposure so that customers can find what they are looking for easily. The company targets demographics based on age and gender through its analytics to generate as much traffic as possible from your social media posts. 

If you need a social media marketing company hire experts like Social Idea which will not just schedule your posts for you but also help with advanced techniques such as retargeting and A/B testing. Speak to them today. 

Services by Social Idea

Some of the company’s SMM services include: 

#1. Posting on social media

This can be done through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or any other platform following a specific person or company. The company can post on your behalf by providing your information and photos as well as linking back to your page 

#2. Video production

If you want to promote or share your product, then video is the best thing to do. They can do it right and with a professional touch that will leave someone wanting more. 

Their services can make customers want to shop for what you are selling. If a product needs an online video presentation, Social Idea will use it as your advertising medium to get more traffic from people. 

#3. Social media page

The company will create your social media pages to generate more awareness of your product. People are looking all over the internet for new products and services.  So, they will keep coming back to your pages to get quality content. 

#4. Use of chatbots

This is something that you can use instead of having a forum online. This is a system where people will post their questions, and a moderator will reply with what they deem as the best answer.

You can do the same thing with a chatbot. Social Idea can program your chatbot to respond to any questions that might come your way. The company will research to ensure that the responses you get from the chatbot are enough for your audience.

#5. Social media monitoring: 

This is one of Social Idea’s services that keep track of everything that happens about your name or brand. They manage the pages on your behalf. 

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Wrapping up

Your goals drive a social media marketing company. Social Idea works with you to find the best social media platform for you. Then, they will do whatever it takes to make sure that your site is listed at the top of those platforms. It helps that their experts are familiar with using all of the major social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.