Businesses seeking a professional brand image and those attempting to present a humorous image have entirely different requirements.

As a result, you should pick a branding agency for your company depending on your specific needs. But it’s not quite that easy. Because of this, I’ve put together this list of the best branding agencies in Bangalore, along with a summary of what each one excels in.

Top 10 Branding Agency in Bangalore


1. Pink Lemonade

Pink Lemonade ranks first on the list of the top 10 personal branding companies in Bangalore. It is a branding firm where the creative potential is limitless and marvelously infinite.

It offers what you need in the most pertinent way imaginable, whether you only need words or just a voice. It focuses on written and visual communication across several platforms.

It offers creative planning, branding, and even production for all communication needs, whether they are social or digital.

2. Kreo

The consumer electronics company Kreo Branding Agency, situated in Bangalore, outfits your passion. It makes it possible for gamers, artists, content producers, and explorers to intensify their enthusiasm.

You are empowered by their extensive offerings to put yourself out there, get your hands dirty, and pursue your passions.

3. Social Idea

Social Idea ranks third on the list of personal branding agencies. It has a team that is committed and focused. It holds that those who dare and take action will succeed. It continuously monitors the outcomes.

Additionally, it makes use of real-time metrics to continuously assess the success of its initiatives and make necessary course corrections. Finally, it puts a lot of effort into making its idea a reality.

4. Velocita Brand 

The company Velocita Brand Consultants Pvt. Ltd. has established a reputation for assisting businesses in developing strong, enduring brands. It is a complete end-to-end branding solutions agency that was established in 2008 and is used by businesses from a variety of industries. 

It is a trustworthy partner with a good process that combines business strategy and artistic flair. Its committed team works together with you to offer a strong brand and a positive experience with the highest level of response in the sector.

5. BLeap

A prominent strategic digital marketing consulting firm with offices in Bengaluru, Pune, Mumbai, and Noida is called BLeap.

With cutting-edge digital marketing solutions, it aids multinational corporations, huge corporations, and emerging businesses. It provides clients in Asia, Africa, and Europe with specialized search (SEO), paid media (PPC), social (SMM), and content marketing services.

6. Ideal Branding

A full-service strategic and creative branding firm, Ideal Branding is committed to providing outstanding, insight-driven brand solutions that have a positive impact on businesses.

Everything you would require to develop solid connections is created, including branding, strategies, designs, content, and more. It stands for perceptive observations, passionate creativity, effective service, and solid bonds.

7. Free Flow Ideas

Free Flow Ideas’ advertising agency naturally developed into housing a full-fledged digital staff. It is a team of diversified cultures that initially built up a free society without any dominance of social media. It takes pleasure in being provocateurs and fearless thinkers.

Its focus is unwaveringly on the brand’s objective, even when it comes to SEO, search engine marketing, social media marketing, or web design. It also ventures into other top fields like brand design, technology relevance, and creative excellence.

8. InnogenX

Customers associate with InnogenX based on facts, not emotion, which has been the company’s guiding principle since its founding in 2001. They base their idea of success on establishing goals and outperforming them.

Every team member at InnogenX believes that the success of their clients is determined by their level of competence. It makes sure to deliver the best of its skills and has a wide range of expertise for its clients to be the greatest.

9. Silver Back Creative

Silver Back Creative is a creative powerhouse that combines strategists, communication specialists, authors, artists, filmmakers, and musicians with an in-house production team to give your brand a new perspective.

Their work spans a variety of disciplines, including advertising and communications, fonts, sound, film and motion, strategy and positioning, products and packaging, graphics and identity, and websites and digital experiences.

10. QMP

QMP is a global branding, design, digital, and technology company with its headquarters in Bangalore, India’s Silicon Valley. It serves B2B and B2C clients in more than 10 countries. Globally, QMP offers specialized solutions for many different sectors.

Here, strategy and design come together to magically transform your brand. QMP provides original and creative design solutions. Their conceptual thinking, which integrates strategy, design, and research into the creative communication process, serves as the foundation for their compelling designs.

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Bottom Line

Concluding with a note that every business or brand needs branding since it is essential to set a seller’s goods or services apart from those of its rivals. The name or symbol that distinguishes a seller’s goods or services from those of other vendors is called a brand.

This article was all about the top branding agency in India that you can work with to advance your business.