When the topic of “Who is the Father of Digital Marketing” is raised, Guglielmo Marconi, the renowned radio inventor, maybe the first person that comes to mind. He was the world’s first digital marketer and invented the radio back in 1896. 

But when it comes to notable figures in the field of digital marketing and looking considerably at their contributions, very few of them have had the same type of long-lasting impact as Philip Kotler, who is regarded as the father of modern-day digital marketing.

Let’s first take a closer look at digital marketing before learning more about him. 

Digital Marketing – What is it?

It is described as “the component of marketing that employs the Internet and online-based digital technology such as desktop computers, mobile phones, and other digital platforms to endorse products and services” if you Google it or anything.

An overly complicated definition, don’t you think? So, to state it simply or to offer an example, digital marketing is, at its most basic level, those constant social media advertisements for specific goods or e-commerce companies.

It mostly involves the use of digital tools and the internet for marketing and business promotion.


Father of Digital Marketing: Philip Kotler

Philip Kotler, considered one of the most important minds in contemporary business, is credited as the founder of digital marketing. In conclusion, this outstanding North American Professor is credited with founding the academic discipline of marketing.

It’s accurate! Universities all across the world now offer courses in marketing thanks to Philip Kotler. This well-known author, who was raised in Chicago, Illinois, has held the position of International Marketing chair at Northwestern University since 1988, one of the most significant business research institutions in the world.

Detailed information about this Modern Marketing Figure is provided below:

Backing up On May 27, 1931, Philip Kotler was born. After a few years of study at DePaul University, he was accepted without a bachelor’s degree into the University of Chicago’s Master’s program in 1953, which was—and still is—a very huge event.

He completed his doctorate at the esteemed Massachusetts Institute of Technology, also known as MIT, in 1956, earning both degrees in economics.

This well-known American professor, who began teaching marketing at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management in 1962, is the author of more than sixty books on the subject.

The Values and Contributions of Kotler

The main focus of Kotler’s principles was on consumer behavior analysis, including why individuals think the way they do and how to pay attention to customers and modify products to meet their needs. It was a crucial concept that worked incredibly well.

Particularly for his contributions to the discipline of international marketing, Kotler is renowned for his ground-breaking work in marketing research and management.

He is also credited with coining the terms “marketing mix” and “4Ps” in marketing, which stand for product, price, promotion, and location. He wrote the first real book on marketing management and later marketing principles. He essentially wrote the metaphorical book on marketing, to put it another way.

Bonus Tip: Kotler’s Initiatives to Integrate Marketing into Academic Curricula

He worked to have marketing recognized as a legitimate academic discipline in the 1960s. He thought that marketing was an essential component of economic research and applications and recognized that demand was impacted by variables other than prices, such as advertising, promotion, and other things that have already been discussed. 

He recognized the effectiveness of marketing and worked to make it the main subject studied by college and university students as well as a component of MBA programs in educational institutions.

In simple words, for understanding much in detail you need to know one of the famous sayings, or else can be said the quotes of Philip Kotler.

According to him, every organization’s only motive is to consistently work for finding out the demands and interests of the target audience to achieve the desired results more efficiently and effectively at the earliest.

This has become necessary to beat the completion of the market trends and for enhancing the goodwill of the target consumers. In addition to assisting in the development of the social marketing sector, which focuses on assisting people, Kotler assisted groups in changing their views toward safer and better lives.

To lower the demand for commodities, he also developed the idea of “demarketing.” The terms “atmospherics” and “societal marketing” were developed by him as well.

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Bottom Line

Due to his impassive reputation in the field of digital marketing and trading and the gifts he has bestowed in the shape of his books, Philip Kotler will always be revered by the next generation of businesspeople and entrepreneurs.

As the father of digital marketing, he will be revered for years to come by his pupils who will always remember him as a jewel of a guy. In other words, you can assume that a good business always strives to bring out to the consumers some best and most exceptional products and services.

Along with the aforementioned, a great business also works to make the world a better place to live and conduct business – “Philip Kotler.”

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