It is a known fact that marketing has proved itself to be the most vital aspect of a company and can improve the company’s growth immensely if carried out perfectly. There are several ways in marketing a company or a product. 

Traditional marketing and digital marketing are one of them. There has always been a debate over which is the better and more self-sufficient to run a company.

To break this discussion, we are here to help you out and let you decide which is better for your way of workflow. There is a huge difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing and the results will surely surprise you. To bring this in front of you, we at Social Idea have done the research and we being one of the top marketing agencies in Hyderabad, have a lot to contribute to this article.

Then, what are we waiting for? Let’s begin our journey by exploring some of the unknown facts about both traditional and digital marketing. Let’s get going!!

Before we move on to the main topic of this article, let us briefly understand what traditional and digital marketing is.

Traditional Marketing – It is one of the oldest followed methods that have been used for a longer time and mainly this type of method does not require the Internet. 

Digital Marketing – This type of marketing is fully dependent on the internet and has the capacity to reach knocks and corners of the world within a fraction of a second.

Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing Agency


#1 Reaching the customer/audience

Traditional marketing agencies have to implement physical objects that have to reach the audience in person; for example letters, ad pamphlets, posters, or even a magazine. This kind of marketing may consume a large amount of time compared to other techniques.

Digital marketing agencies have the benefit of using the most appropriate types of strategies that can be used anywhere as it is capable of reaching out to customers as vastly and swiftly as possible. Internet is present everywhere and a post on social media can get results more quickly than a poster out in the streets.

#2 Cost

Due to the use of so many tools such as magazines, newspapers, posts, and billboards, the cost of a Traditional marketing agency may be much higher in comparison to a Digital marketing agency.

Digital marketing agencies are known for their cost-effective result as everything is online today. The technology used in Digital Marketing requires a one-time investment most of the time and a very small amount every other time in comparison to a traditional marketing agency.

#3 Methods

Traditional marketing uses old methods which are outdated in this era and many people may not be able to use such tools anymore. For example, many households have stopped buying newspapers as the news is available at their fingertips. 

Digital Marketing agencies are capable of using modern technologies that can help companies to achieve their goal in a minimal amount of time. Such as, digital marketing agencies can use WhatsApp ads and FaceBook ads as most of the people spend their most time on these two apps. 

#4 Result

Traditional marketing agencies may take many weeks or months to yield the results as they use old methods. This type of method may not even help the company to understand the follow-up as there is no tool to identify it in traditional marketing.

When it comes to digital marketing agencies, it has been in practice for more than three decades and has helped millions of people achieve their goals more easily than ever.


Both agencies have their own pros and cons and one must be able to identify its advantages and go accordingly. Choosing the right one helps the company to grow more efficiently and Social Idea can be your digital marketing agency. A marketing agency that is the most highly recommended in the city of Hyderabad can be your marketing agency.

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